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Providing Innovative Education Programs to Schools in Iowa

Working With Public School Systems To Educate Iowa’s Youth

Iowa NET High Academy (INHA) provides innovative education programs to different school districts in the state of Iowa. Our curriculum aims to incorporate the Common Core Standards of project-based learning and competency-based reporting into an individualized educational curriculum.

Iowa Net High Academy
Iowa Net High Academy

Our Mission

Our goal is simple—support Iowa's young people through innovative educational support and partnerships with school districts.  We provide Iowa Licensed Teachers, trained Iowa mentors, and an online curriculum designed specifically around Iowa Core Standards. Research shows we can help increase graduation rates and job readiness.



“Through Net High Academy, Saydel High School has been able to expand our continuum of services in order to connect with the students to earn a high school diploma. As a result of the efforts of New High Academy, 5 students have earned a high school diploma that would not likely have achieved this accomplishment through our other programming options. These students are at the tip of our MTSS pyramid and Net High’s ability to connect with our students, undoubtedly, has led to the success of individuals within Net High.”

— Kevin Schulte, Saydel High School Principal

“Not being able to complete high school is a scary feeling. Iowa NET High Academy gave me another option than just getting my G.E.D. My classes at INHA were based on careers that I am interested in, and made it easy to stay focused. The teachers are very patient and friendly; they were always there when I had questions. I am so glad others are able to feel the relief I did graduating with Iowa NET High Academy.”

— Kaitlin S., Former Student

“Iowa NET High Academy has helped the Ames Community School District reach students that we were not able to reach in the traditional school setting. We needed to go beyond our school walls to help some students feel successful in their education process and that is where NET High Academy was able to help address a gap in our continuum of services. NET High staff took the time to figure out our students’ passions and use that information to engage students in their coursework. Most importantly, NET High staff were flexible and worked around our students’ needs and schedules.” 

— Yonas Michael, Ames Community School District Director of Student Services

“I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did to help me! DMACC is going great and my final grades for the first semester were straight As. I definitely couldn’t have gotten here without you guys!”

— Kyla C., Former Student

“Through our partnership with Iowa NET High Academy, the Marshalltown school district has been able to help students who should be graduating but are significantly credit deficient earn high school credits and their diploma!”

— Matt Cretsinger, Marshalltown CSD Director of Special Services


Let’s Plan Your Future!

We have been helping school districts, students, and parents around Iowa since 2011 through our specialized curriculum. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.